Let The Season Begin


Sorry for the long delay, but with the summer blockbuster season upon us, it is time to catch up.  Let’s start with the Oscars.  Argo and Ben Affleck were given well deserved accolades for best picture.  Daniel-Day Lewis earned another Oscar for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in Speilberg’s Lincoln.  The severely over rated Django Unchained won four Oscars including best supporting actor.  Christopher Waltz gave a good performance in one of Quentin Tarantino’s lesser films.  Two movies that were shut out in this year’s Oscars were Moonrise Kingdom and Zero Dark Thirty.  Both films giving great performances spanning two vastly different genres of storytelling were not given the credit they were due.  Zero Dark Thirty displays the hard-hitting and factual story of the CIA’s manhunt of Osama Bin Laden.  The female lead and final raid by Seal Team Six were tremendous and worth the price of admission to see.  Unfortunately, due to the political climate in Hollywood Zero Dark Thirty would not receive the laurels it has rightfully earned.

From the realism to the search for true love in the early 1960’s in Moonrise Kingdom,  Wes Anderson’s  creative story telling and long still shots makes this independent film very Oscar worthy.  The big name ensemble cast of Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Harvey Keitel are reason enough to see this hidden gem.

In Theaters:

Since the Oscars a few movies have peaked my interest and were a pleasure to see in the theaters.  First was the very long anticipated re-make of Sam Rami’s Evil Dead.  For those Bruce Campbell fans and fans of the Evil Dead Trilogy (Evil Dead, Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn, and Army of Darkness) will find that Campbell and Rami choice of a fresh new director truly paid off.  Keeping what made the original work so well and putting a new twist on it all will please everyone.  Very little computer effects were used in this re-make giving this gore fest a truly realistic experience, so for all you horror fans out there Evil Dead is worth it.

A movie that was sort of brushed off as “Die Hard in the Whitehouse” yet was a pleasant surprise was Gerald Butler in Olympus Has Fallen.  Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, King Arthur, Tears of the Sun, Shooter) directed this action packed film about North Korean terrorist attack on the White House.  Butler, a secret service agent runs to the aid of the president (Bill Pullman).  In a genre that is over saturated with mind numbing action scenes and little character development, this film brings  it back to its roots of a  Olympus Has Fallen provides realistic action with strong character development and desperation portrayed by Butler.

On Netflix:

A great political thriller that is a Netflix Original is House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.  The first season of House of Cards portrays a disenfranchised democrat senator played by Spacey and his schemes of revenge against the democrat hierarchy that pushed him aside.  House of Cards realistic view of party politics in D.C. makes for great television.

Another movie on Netflix that is worth seeing is For the Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada.  Based on real events in Mexico, For The Greater Glory is the story of the Mexican government forcing out the Catholic Church and the freedom fighters who resisted the violent oppression over a century ago.  Andy Garcia’s portrayal of General Enrique Gorostieta and his transformation of faith gives this film a very inspirational story to a greater audience and is very worthy of being placed on your instant que.


Worthy DVD/Blu- Rays:

Alex Cross

Critically panned James Patterson’s Alex Cross  comes to the big screen with Tyler Perry facing off against vicious hitman (Mathew Fox).  This movie is another example of why critics should be ignored, because I found it to be suspenseful, intense and engaging thriller.

The Possession

Loosely based on actual events, The Possession is about a Jewish box that contains a demon that possesses and feeds on the souls of children.  Possession/ Supernatural films have become rather popular in recent years and this one is at the top of the list.  The storyline of a broken family dealing with an evil presence is captured in a unique way and will scare even the biggest horror fans.


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