The Name is Reacher

Seems like every Christmas Season in recent years offers long fantasy epics such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, mixed with a typical family Disney animation of some sort. Well for movie fans seeking something different with a great character story, Jack Reacher brings it in spades. Jack Reacher is based on the book One Shot about a former Army military police officer played by Tom Cruise who is in pursuit of a sniper responsible for a mass shooting in Pittsburgh, PA. This film was produced by Cruise and shot on location in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, which makes for a visually rich environment for this film noir.

Critics including Leonard Mauldin are giving Jack Reacher two stars or less which is disappointing for the critics. This is film is a great character piece for Tom Cruise whose on-screen presence is much more in-depth than the Mission Impossible or Bourne Identity movies. Robert Duvall’s character is beyond criticism with his supporting role as a rifle range owner. That being said, the Sandy Hook shooting occurred just two weeks prior to opening weekend for Jack Reacher, keeping many soccer moms away from the box office. This has had a real impact on the money it is taking in, which unfortunately means that there will be little to any chance of a sequel to this movie. The constant complaint from film critics and the public is that there are not enough new and inventive stories in Hollywood anymore, so Tom Cruise helps produce one and it gets crucified for their efforts. This film is rated PG-13 for the action content with a small amount of language to it which makes this a perfect movie for both teen and adult audiences. Critics say that Cabin in the Woods was 2012’s big movie that was missed and being a horror film enthusiast it was a good movie. Unfortunately, in all honesty it’s getting more praise simply because the Avengers director’s name Joss Whedon is tied to it. Jack Reacher is a film that will have a longer shelf life.

I fear this has become the normalcy in Hollywood where even great films such as Jack Reacher, Boondock Saints, even Cabin in the Woods get buried. Not because of their content or the performances, but because someone in corporate doesn’t think it fill their product mold. Granted this is nothing new coming from Hollywood, but many of their mass-produced movies did not do well this year. Most of the movies that are considered to be Oscar contenders are not great movies. That being said ignore critics and box office take and go see Jack Reacher. It was well worth the 10$ ticket.



  1. This was a terrible movie that doesn’t provide anything of substance. It simply glorifies violence and desensitizes us. Take another movie you mentioned, Boondock Saints, which was set to come out in theaters until Columbine happened.

    Think about that for a moment. Barely over a decade ago a movie that was based on violence and killing didn’t go to the big screen because of a horrific shooting incident at a school. They didn’t even bother to reduce the amount of commercials for “JR” because this last generation has grown up believing that violence in media is the norm.

    When we will return to having a system of values in this country?

    • Thank you for your comment. JR book series and film have a military ambiance, so shooting violence is going to occur. As for the Boondock Saints if you watch the documentary called “overnight” about BDS you will find out why that film was cut from theaters and it had nothing to do with columbine. Depending on how old you are gun violence in TV and films were much more prevalent with shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, ect.. yet actual violence w firearms were low. Even now gun violence is at an all time low according to the FBI. I hope you were against the expendables, skyfall, ect.. they had more gun violence than jack reacher

      • Comparing the level of gun violence in Bonanza to what we see today out of TV and movies is ludicrous.

      • Really.. Because Gunsmoke was one of the longest running shows in Television history and almost every episode 1 or more people were killed by firearms. Most dramas today do not have that many shootings. My question would be what did you expect when you went to see Jack Reacher? a non-violent film? Or is it only acceptable when they beat someone to death with their bare hands? I understand when there is gratuitous violence. Take for example Hostel it is very uncomfortable to watch, and a bit too much. But if you think kids watched BDS or Jack Reacher then when on a shooting rampage that is ridiculous. Violence is in all of humanity’s stories. Greeks and Romans were unbelievably brutal, so its not the gun, but rather human nature you don’t care for? Clint Eastwood once said ” nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot” in BDS and JR good guys win and the right people get shot.

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