The Tea Party Rises

Even though it’s a little late it would be hard to start a film blog without mentioning one of this summer’s biggest films The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Noland.  This film is the third, and hopefully final, installment of the Dark Knight series.  Based on the D.C. Comic anthology, Noland’s final installment does a fairly decent job of breaking the dreaded “rule of sequels”.  In case you do not know what that means let me drop a few titles; JAWS III, LEATHAL WEAPON 3, ALIEN 3, SUPERMAN III, and the list goes on.  That being said Noland paints a city under siege with great scope using beautifully framed shots of epic destruction makes this film perfect for an IMAX experience.  The story has Batman/Bruce Wayne in seclusion due to the events of the previous film and with the Gotham City having almost a decade of peace; political leaders want to replace their “wartime commissioner” commissioner Gordon.   Until a mysterious terrorist named Bane reveals himself to the city and holds them hostage.  Bruce Wayne has to become Gotham’s dark avenger once again even though he is hated for assuming the blame for the death of Harvey Dent.

You may ask so what does this have to do with the Tea Party?  Well first look at the protagonist and antagonist.  You have Bruce Wayne grew up in inherited wealth, which his family has used not only to develop technologies to help America, but mankind as well.  He used his wealth to help a city that was going to ruin, by funding boys homes and hospitals.  His family was never forced to “pay their fair share” they simply tried to help their neighbors.  In reality if you break down the amount of money donated to all charities in the United States you see that conservatives/libertarians donate about 3 to 1 compared to their wealthy liberal counterparts.   Yet with Batman’s wealth at his disposal he takes up arms against injustice, criminal, and corrupt not for glory or power, but for freedom.   This classic story is what America was born from, the rugged individual fighting against the mob, tyranny, oppression, so that individual freedom would prevail.  This ideal is paramount with the Tea Party movement.  Compare this icon with his nemesis Bane.  Bane, an ex-prisoner, enlists the aid of Gotham’s poor and criminal elements to destroy the city from bottom up.   Bane addresses a crowd saying that they are there to give them back freedom and choice by freeing all the convicts out of the city’s jail, as well as sending raiding parties into the homes of the rich in Gotham.  Bane is the epitome of the Bolshevik revolution that took place in Russia over a century ago.  The proletariat destroying the upper class because they feel entitled to other people’s wealth is a common belief held by modern day liberal progressives.  One scene in particular that shows Bane’s lust for class warfare is where wealthy people are forced out to an iced over river and forced to march over it to their deaths.  Compare the occupy Wall Street movement with that of Bane’s mob and you will find many similarities with their hopes of destroying capitalism and free commerce.   The concepts that Bane and Batman embody will help preserve The Dark Knight Rises for future moviegoers.  The only question left is which side do you chose that of the individual, or that of the mob?


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  1. I liked seeing the Steelers being blown up!

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